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Let us surprise you with special offers

Because we know how much it means to feel that you have really recharged your batteries and you can go back (not very eager, it's true…) to everyday life, and we know that the price paid for your escape is also important, we want to offer you the best conditions, moments for you and your soul and moments to be framed at prices that will convince you that your pampering is not a fad, but it is fully deserved!

We warmly welcome you at any time, whether you choose to escape during the week or choose not to come alone, but to accompany your dear friends, so let us surprise you with special offers and, from time to time, check packages for the official holidays!

Moreover, we are already preparing your escape for the holidays! Don't think about it! As you already know, the number of places is small, so we can create the ideal holiday atmosphere (and not only!).

So, choose the option that suits you and let us know!

For a normal stay see Vis Alpin Prices .

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